Frequently Asked Questions

Am I being released from my lease agreement?

  • Yes, you are officially released from any contractual obligations of the lease agreement with 800 Block effectively July 27, 2022.

Here is the notification from Logan City Official we received.

On July 26, 2022, I met with various city departments to discuss your request for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. I also performed an onsite inspection the same day. The list of milestones you provided the city in your July 11, 2022, letter is very extensive. With the current state of the project, we do not see how this list can be completed by August 27, 2022. Based on my onsite assessment, input from City departments, and legal counsel from the City Attorney’s office, the City cannot grant a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (“TCO”) for the 800 Block project. After evaluating the project in its current state and considering the amount of outstanding issues to be resolved, the City is not willing to assume any liability that may stem from allowing students to move into a potentially dangerous and unfinished project, especially one of this size and scale.
Our responsibility under the International Building Codes is quite clear. The city is responsible for ensuring the safe occupancy and residency of your building. Granting a TCO and allowing tenants to occupy an unfinished and potentially unsafe project site is contrary to this responsibility.

No Deposits or application fees were required, any early rent payments will be refunded ASAP.

What happened to continue the delay of the project?

  • We have had labor shortages and supply chain issues which has affected some critical aspects of the buildings.
  • We had the following plan:
    1. 800 Block was going to be completed in two phases:
      1. Phase 1: Building B to be completed. We had placed all residents in this building and were focused on getting a temporary TCO, which was ultimately denied.
      2. Phase 2: Building A to be completed by January 2023.
    2. Targeted Goal: Will be to obtain an occupancy permit for all buildings by January 2023. We will not lease 800 Block until it has been fully inspected and approved by the City of Logan.
    3. Any previous lease holders will have priority for touring and choosing their floorplan.
  • We continue to have open dialogues with Utah State University, and Logan City to help facilitate the delivery of the project.
    1. The rent roll of current residents has been shared with the Utah State University to help facilitate accommodations and work with those students.